september 2, 2020

3 days of design

3 days of design!

– let’s make it an art and furniture festival

We want to celebrate the stuff that surrounds us. No not air, that would be too mundane. We want to celebrate art and design and show the world that these to odd cousins actually can be in the same room together. 

Sure, Cousin Art IS the smart one and she is the one mankind turns too when we don’t have a clue who we are and where we are going. But that does not mean that Cousin Design/Furniture deserves being ridiculed for being so damn practical and comfortable – and it´s not his fault he has such a finetuned sense of fashion. Also Cousin Design/Furniture is more than capable of making something which at first glance seems totally incomprehensible. I bet that more than once, you have looked at some beautiful mess in the corner of your cool friend´s apartment wondering… and then you find out, that you can actually sit in it… and it all makes sense. 

Great art and great furniture both play a key role in a little thing called culture. That is also why they both have so many museums dedicated to their “oeuvre”. Now one could argue that Art creates culture and Design/Furniture reflects culture. But that is not important right now. The important thing is that they are finally talking together. 

This calls for a Festival. So during 3 Days of Design you should stop by Store Kongensgade 118 where xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx have created a complete comfortable setting where you can sit down and feel cultural. 

We have taken intelligent contemporary art, beautiful chairs, tables and sofas. Lamps from the realm of in-between (is it art or is it furniture – you can turn it on and off as you see fit) and carefully cramped this and more of what the envious and the ignorant call: high end elitist low carb context, into our space. AND we have packed our festival calendar with so many smart and fun everyday real-life relevant art and furniture activities. But more on this and that and a schedule on our Instagram profile xxxxxxxxx

We not only want Art and Design/Furniture to coexist. We want them to live happily ever after. Actually, we want people saying: “Now that is a great piece of furniture. And it goes perfectly perfect with that amazingly intelligent art-photo of a penis. Honey… should we try this combo at home?.” 

Hope to see you