oktober 25, 2019

Evren Tekinoktay

Evren Tekinoktay

if 6 was 9

August 29th – October 5th

Opening August 29th at 6 PM

Now if 6 turned out to be 9 – I don’t mind, I don’t mind

Those are the lyrics Jimi Hendrix sang many years ago. No matter what “society” dictated, he would go his own way. Not obeying the rules of either God or Hippies. This was his declaration of independence. Jimi didn’t care. He cared a lot!

So when Evren Tekinoktay uses this quote as the title for her new exhibition, it is obviously because she is a distinctly independent being. She goes her own way. Creates her own universe. Her own storyline. But since she is also a very conscious and caring individual, she invites us along for the ride. 

We are invited in, so that we can relate to 6 and 9 as two very literal indications of value, where one is higher than the other in a numerical hierarchy. However, via a simple rotation the material hierarchy suddenly shifts.

We are invited in, so we can indulge in the idea of 6 and 9, as actors in a sexual/erotic performance – the perfect position for giving and taking. Dirty Yin and Dirty Yang.

Of course, we are also invited in so that we can philosophize on the potential that lies in the “upside down – round and round” perspective that is hidden in any given situation. 

After all, we are really just cut-outs made to fit into life’s great collage. This is how Evren sees it. And this is why there are extraordinary layers of detail in her works. Each small paper clipping, every colour and individual stitch is carefully selected and placed within the collages. Much like precise abstractions of a thousand small visual quotes. That is the poetry of life.

Acid neon reliefs with moving shapes and kinetic colour machines which create patterns by coincidence – with the mechanics hidden just below the surface. And sometimes a mirror. Evren presents the viewer with a curated slice of reality, to which they can relate subjectively, in the moment. The mirror is the most obvious reference from the great story about ‘us’.

There is also a coolness to Evren’s works and a general consensus that they are stylish – which is a somewhat random association, since all Evren really cares about is her artistic project and individual visual vocabulary. If it looks cool, it’s a side effect. But at the end of the day, the question remains; is aesthetic flair or a nerdish approach to material a bad thing for an artist? This would be a very prejudicial assumption. The simple truth is that notional beauty holds the same potential to that which is deemed ugly.  

No time should be wasted on a clichéd interpretation of the feminine, let’s just conclude that Evren’s works are made up of accurate narratives and a ‘sexy’ power. She has her own distinct (female) voice and she has had it forever. 

Collaborations by Tania and Thomas Asbæk is very proud to show Evren Tekinoktay’s first solo presentation on Danish soil in 3 years. That is to say, it is not a comeback as she never went away. Rather, we on the other hand, may have been out for just a brief moment.